Blue Water Liquor
10390 Hwy 65 S Western Grove, Arkansas 72685
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BLue Waters

About Blue Waters Liquor

We pride ourselves on our customer service and product knowledge.

We have made it our goal to know all we can about the many products we carry and to pass that information on to our entire staff. By doing this we can help you with any style of spirit, whether it is for a new drink y

ou want to feature, or your tried and true favorites. Our research has allowed us to increase our knowledge while refining our palates, making us an authority on spirits. We can help you find something special for even the most discerning palates.

Our shelves are packed with product. We have put together a large offering of common brands along with a unique collection of rare, top shelf and small batch distillers. We can also special order anything our distributors stock if we do not currently feature a particular spirit.

Great Drinks. Great Beer. Unbeatable Prices.

Our inventory is always being updated with the world's best offerings, which means that you'll always find both what's new and the old standards. You are always invited to browse our selections of wines, beers, spirits and more. We are a company that loves to talk shop with our clients.